CPA Calculator – Free Online Cost Per Action Tool

What is CPA?

Cost Per Action (CPA) is a marketing term used in digital marketing. It is the amount of money spent on each conversion that comes on your website, and this amount is also called the cost per acquisition.

How to Calculate CPA?

Cost Per Action Formula is:
CPA = Total Cost of Campaign / Total Number of Conversions
Total Cost of Campaign – is the total amount you are spending on advertising;
Total Number of Conversions – is the total number of acquired conversions.

Why is CPA important?

Cost Per Action (CPA) is a way to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. You have to pay to get results, and this way, you can get results without spending too much money. Businesses need to know how effective their advertising campaigns are. You have to find out what makes your company successful, and then you can use the results to decide what kind of ads you should use. If your advertising doesn’t work, you won’t have success.
Alex Zaremsky