CPC Calculator – Free Online Cost Per Click Tool

CPC Calculator helps internet marketers measure the cost-effectiveness of their ads and campaigns. CPC can also be used as a measure of how much clicks have advertising costs when you are using different ad pricing models. Paying for clicks is often cost-effective when you are starting out, but when your CTR starts getting better, then a CPM rate can be better. 

What is CPC?

In fact, what is Cost-Per-Click? Simply put, it is the amount of money you have to pay for each click on your ad. Advertisers use CPC to determine if they are getting a good return for their advertising efforts. If the CPC of an ad is too high, the advertiser should consider changing the wording of his ad or lowering the price he is willing to pay for each click. If the CPC of an ad is too low, the advertiser should either change the wording of his ad or raise the price he is willing to pay for each click.

How to Calculate CPC?

Cost Per Click Formula is:
CPC = Total Cost of Campaign / Total Number of Clicks
Total Cost of Campaign – is the total amount you are spending on advertising;
Total Number of Clicks – is the total number of times your ad was clicked on during a specified period of time.

Why is CPC important?

It’s elementary. CPC is the Cost Per Click. It is the amount of money you have to pay every time someone clicks on your ads. 

If your CPC is high, you spend a lot of money and get a lot of traffic. If your CPC is low, you spend less money and get less traffic. CPC is one of the most important numbers in all online advertising.  And the higher your CPC, the more people will click on your ad, which means more traffic to your website. And the more traffic you get, the more sales you make. This is the formula for increased profitability. 

However, it would help if you counted ROAS (Return On Ad Spending) too. This is the ratio of profit to ad cost. If your ROAS is 100%, it means your profit per $1,000 spent on advertising is $1,000. If your ROAS is 200% or higher, that’s fantastic! But, if your ROAS is lower than 100%, you shoud cut marketing budget, because you will not make money with this advertising campaign. CPC and ROAS are both crucial digital marketing metrics. 

Difference between CPC, CPM, CPA?

The acronym “CPC” stands for “Cost Per Click.” In the world of Internet advertising, “Cost Per Click” is the price you are willing to pay for each person who visits your website and then clicks on one of your ads. 
“CPM” stands for “Cost Per Thousand.” It’s the same as “CPC” except it’s a different unit of measurement. What it means is that instead of paying for each click, you are willing to pay for every 1,000 impressions your ad receives. 
“CPA” stands for “Cost Per Action.” It’s similar to “CPC” in that it’s another way of measuring the success of your Internet advertising (conversions).
Alex Zaremsky